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We were first established in 2016, this was during a period where Jacob Dowling, Owner of JBD Media Limited was studying Film and TV at college and decided that it was time to pick up a camera and start doing his own videos. He took up producing, directing, editing and everything else in between. Being interested in cars this was an easy area to practice film making skills to improve having the time to try new things and and perfect these skills through trial and error. This meant learning from mistakes and taking on new challenges. Two years on, we have filmed and edited wedding videos, worked with independent car brands and filmed a range of different ideas. It was decided at the end of 2018 it was time to take the plunge.

Now Jacob has decided that 2019 is the year to make that big push, with university coming to an end very soon, it was time to start gathering a client base and start building his own path in life, and this is it. From comments received from friends and previous clients, they have said that he is a very determined individual and doesn’t settle for less, you can be guaranteed that every project will be taken to the absolute highest level!

JBD Media Limited is run by Jacob Dowling with other participants in the background helping to support Jacob. He now has an editor on board to help with post-production. This decision was made to create a more efficient workflow and to keep the highest level of professionality.

Jacob wants every production created by JBD Media Limited company to be at a level that he would expect if he was receiving a video from a production company.

Our editor Ben Clarke was carefully selected at the end of 2018 to join JBD Media as our Editor, The commitment Ben puts into his work is nothing but the highest, and his work ethic is Definitely nothing to be sniffed at. As he likes to say “if you’re on time your 15 minutes late” (so we can guarantee we won't arrive late for any job) Ben works thoroughly to ensure that the final product is polished to how you want it.



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Promotional Video

Are you looking at promoting your business? A promotional video can really reach out to your audience and give them something entertaining to watch about your company, as well as passing information across in an exciting way! Promotional videos can be used on any online platform, and a well-made video can add to your businesses look of credibility. We can cater and adapt to any company’s needs and assure a quality finished product.

We would love to hear about your company and any ideas that you may have. We can fully tailor to your needs and will then offer a very competitive price.


Are you looking for a quick 30 second or 1 minute punchy video to advertise your business? We love the excitement you have for your business and we want to show your customers (and future customers) just that. A short video to promote your business can have a big impact on potential clients and can further increase your chance of gaining new clients.

We would love to hear about your punchy advertisement ideas! If you would like to contact us, we will fully tailor to your needs and offer a very competitive price.


Is it time for your special day? We can make your wedding day into a fairy tale story for you to look back on. The day is completely about you and we love to show your excitement and breathtaking moments through video so that you can cherish them forever. We will arrive at your wedding venue and film your special day from start to finish, capturing all the moments throughout the day of you and your guests. Our aim is to recreate the same feelings you had on the day while watching the events unravel before your eyes.

Do you want your wedding day made into a short fairy tale film? Contact us for a fully tailored price for your very special day.

Music Video

Are you a musician? Are you looking for a cool music video to post online and (possibly) get thousands if not millions of views? This could be a great opportunity to get yourself out there in your industry, We love the challenge of bringing your ideas into a reality.

All music videos are fully tailored for you! Music genre, your lyrics, your needs and wants, feel free to contact us for a competitive price for your music video.


Do you want to get the word of your services across to your potential customers, explain to them what you can do to help them and show what you have to offer? We can make you a video that does just that. We can make you a video showing your facilities and why people should choose you over your competitors. The internet and social media is a powerful place for you to get your word out. You need an exciting professional video to capture the eyes of your potential clients!

For your corporate video ideas, we fully tailor the video for all of your needs, tell us what you are looking for and we will do the rest. Contact us now to discuss your ideas and prices for your corporate video.


Do you have a product that you need crowdfunding for? But Dragons Den*5 don’t see the potential in your product? Don’t worry, we do! We believe having an exciting video to show your product off is just what you need to get the public to fall in love with what you have to offer.

All of this can start straight away by simply contacting us! We would genuinely love to see what you have to offer and would love pushing your product to the next level! We can offer a fully tailored video that fits the needs of your product. What are you waiting for? Contact us now.


Are you holding an event for your business or exhibition, maybe you're a company trading at an event and you want coverage to show your clients or demographic? We are more than happy to cater to that. Let us know what event you're holding or attending and we can start working together to get the perfect coverage of your event.

Contact us today for a tailored quote for your event coverage, we are certain we will provide a very competitive price.


Are you looking for just your videos to be cut together? Maybe you have all the clips but just no time or software to edit them with, but you still want a high-quality end product? We can offer full assembly edits, colour correction and basic visual effects. We can accommodate to all needs. We use Adobe Premiere Pro, Adobe After Effects and DaVinci Resolve.

Youtube Content Creator

We can offer post-production services for your YouTube videos. Contact us regarding your needs and we can offer you a competitive price.

All editing is a tailored service and will depend on the tasks you wish to be completed, please contact us for details on pricing.



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We want you, as our clients, to know us on a personal level and have the best experience possible with us a company. We want you to know who will be dealing with and who will be creating the content for you. We want you to have confidence in us. If you would like to know more about us, please contact us below.

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